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Roofing Inspections

  • Get a hands free roof scan with high quality images with a summary report pinpointing concerns and recommendations.
  • Walking on most roofs is considered unsafe and should only be done by professionals.
  • Damage to the roofing material can be the result when the roof walked.
  • Steep roofs and some roofing material should not be walked on at all.
  • Infrared or Thermal roof Inspections:
    • There are two methods to perform an Thermal Inspection on a Flat Roof.
    • Walk the roof with a handheld Infrared Camera.
    • Use a sUAS or Drone with an Infrared Camera.
    • Both methods are a systematic thermal inspection with a specific intent to locate any thermal anomalies ( difference in temperature between objects) in the membrane or between layers, potential trapped moisture.
    • Water stores heat during the day and releases it at night, when exposed to the cold sky.
    • ASTM C1153, the roofing standard says 1 hour after sundown, however it usually can be completed about sunset if the sky is clear and after if overcast.
  • Steep roofs:
    • Steep roofs are even more dangerous to climb, you need special equipment, a safety harness and proper training.
    • Use a Drone with 4K zoom camera to take videos and closeup images of the overall roof and any defective conditions present.
    • Closeup images of penetrations and areas that are not visible form the ground.
    • Analysis of images with recommendations in an emailed report.
  • Factors to be considered when we use Thermal cameras and drones for a roof inspection, FAA airspace, weather, and the time of day.
  • FAA Licensed and experienced for sUAS operation.
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer through FLIR .
  • ASHI Certified inspector for 15 years.

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