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Moisture Leak’s and More

Why use Infrared Thermography and Building Science to determine the source of your ongoing water leakage

Traditional methods and moisture meters do not always reveal the extent of the damage and usually lead to extensive destructive investigations in attempts to find the source of the problem. Infrared cameras are considered one of the most advanced and accurate tools known for determining and documenting moisture damage in buildings.

The big advantage of infrared Thermography is that it’s non-destructive, unobtrusive and non-contact. Results are instant and the thermal images are easy to understand. With infrared, large and inaccessible areas can be surveyed quickly and efficiently.

Missing Insulation:

A thermal scan will show areas that have insulation missing, trapped moisture or wet areas. Find out why a room or hallway are so cold. A professional clear and comprehensive detailed report complete with infrared images, digital pictures and a narrative summary which identifies the locations needing improvement will be provided.

Basement Leakage 

Moisture infiltration can be hard to locate the source. The moisture will be absorbed into the building materials and spread for feet. A thermal camera and a moisture meter can find the location of the leak without removing large wall sections to find the problem area, save on contractor cost, less mess and faster solutions.

The anomaly or potential moisture location found by the Infrared Camera is then verified using a moisture meter.

Water can take 10 plus days to dry out in most building material. So if it has not rained recently only the dry stains maybe present.

Locate concerns in electrical systems, walls, leakage in plumbing systems and more:

  • Electrical panel boxes are operating properly under load, no overloaded circuits.
  • Animals, birds’ nests in ceiling or walls, that funny odor in a room you cannot explain.
  • Find the source of water leaks from plumbing systems, roof leaks, and window/door leaks.
  • Heated driveway, locate where the leak is to reduce repair cost.
  • Hydronic heating systems that have leaks or blocked lines in concrete slab, a thermal scan will locate the area.
  • Electric heated floor/wall system is not operating; infrared can help find the break or leakage in the system.

Still not sure if Apple Infrared can help solve your problem, call or email us for a consultation and discuss your concern. We can review options and advise on how to get started.

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