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Flat Roof Inspection

Commercial & Residential Roof Inspections with Infrared Thermography

  • You get a hands free roof scan with high quality thermal images, an emailed report pinpointing anomalies.
  • The report provided can be used as a base line, a roof repair or replace or use with the roofing company for their warranty.
  • Thermal scan can be performed to aid the roofing contractor to find the leak location or for preventative maintenance.
  • Finding the source of a leak in a flat roof by traditional methods can be difficult, sometimes done by trail and error until the source location is found.
  • Walking the roof gives a very close up inspection of the roof surface, mechanicals and the anomalies present. A hand held Tramex Moisture Meter can be used for verification during the walk.
  • Using a drone equipped with an thermal camera, we can scan the surface of your roof and locate the anomalies, potential trapped moisture between layers or in the substrate.
  • Use of a Drone reduces potential surface damage and increases safety for all involved.
  • The walk method and the drone flight will identify areas of concern for further investigation and repair by a qualified roofer.

Contact me today so we can discuss how thermal imaging and aerial infrared thermography inspection using an sUAS can help provide the information you need for roof warranty or to find the potential leakage location.

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