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Apple Infrared Inspection and Consulting is a St. Louis based locally owned company serving the St. Louis Metro Area including St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties.

Apple Infrared uses high quality infrared cameras and equipment that is thermally tuned to building science applications with training and equipment from FLIR, the world leader in infrared Thermography equipment.
We use our building science experience to understand every aspect of your commercial building or residential dwelling. Your building works as a single system, making a change effects everything else. Apple Infrared thermographers are trained building inspectors who have inspected thousands of homes in St. Louis, St. Charles County, and in Jefferson County. You can rely on us to use all our experience and building diagnostic training to perform and infrared inspection and provide you with a detailed report that will provide the answer to solve your problem.
We provide detailed customized reports with infrared and visual pictures to communicate the conditions found complete with analysis and recommendations.
Level 1 Thermography Certification ITC
Level 1 Building Diagnostic Certification ITC.

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