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Moisture intrusion from poor quality workmanship at roof flashing on seven years old home.

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    Our home inspection service is a visual inspection of the structural elementsand systems which are accessible. This typically includes: Water leaks or stains and musty odors:...

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    Water leaks or stains and musty odors: Moisture in building materials can destroy structural integrity as well as create an environment for mold/mildew to grow. It...

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    Apple Infrared offers thorough, professional, unbiased home inspections to our clients performed by an experienced inspector utilizing state-of-the-art tools and knowledge....

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    Homeowners and building managers are always looking for ways to help reduce expenses. Oftentimes reductions can be made in the heating or cooling bills and building...


Welcome to Apple Infrared Inspection!

Got Funny Smells, Chronic Leaks, or High Energy Bills?

Find out what Apple Infrared can do for you. If you have a commercial property, a multi-family building or residential property and are experiencing; musty/moldy smells, water leaks, a cold room, moisture stains on interior walls, contact us today.

If you have a residential, rental, a multi family building, commercial property and are experiencing:

1) musty/moldy smells and you can not find the source

2) water leaks at plumbing, windows, walls or ceilings

3) a cold room or hallway

4) moisture stains, or mold on interior walls or basement walls

5) own a home with EFIS or Stucco or are buying one Contact us today at 314-392-9313. We can perform a complete building diagnostics surveys, building envelope inspection, moisture intrusion or water leak investigation, EIFS/Stucco Investigation, heat/energy loss inspection, roof or flashing leakage on your property. All investigations are performed using non-invasive and non destructive inspection techniques which reduces your repair cost. Are you experiencing any of the following in your home, office, or building?


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Apple Infrared Inspection and Consulting is a St. Louis based locally owned company serving the St. Louis Metro Area including St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties.


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